Antenna FM Broadcast Turnstile Antenna


The SCFM series FM Broadcast Antennas offer classical choice of antenna configuration with CIRCULAR or DUAL linear polarization, improving the radiation of mono and stereo signals, particularly in hard zones such as conurbations and mountains.

Design & Construction:

A pair of dipoles are arranged in a turnstile configuration and a harness cable feeds both the dipoles to achieve desired circular or dual (cross) linear polarization.

The SCFM series FM Broadcasting Antennas have low VSWR and high gain covering the complete FM broadcast band from 87.5 MHz. to 108 MHz. The dipole arms are mounted on a tubular boom made of high strength aluminum alloy.

The SCFM series FM Broadcast Antennas are supplied with dismantled dipole arms for easy handling and transportation and are assembled at site with simple hand tools.

Radiation Pattern:

With Bipolar structure and absence of parasitic elements, SCFM series FM Broadcast Antennas guarantee a uniform radiation pattern over 360 degrees in horizontal plane. By using Reflector, the antenna radiation illuminates 180 degree sector, with 3 dBi. increased antenna gain.


The antenna also can be stacked in two or more bays to achieve desired higher Omni or 180 degree sector antenna gain.

Power Divider:

3dB. Power divider is a standard accessory, included with the antenna, for circular polarization.

Installation and Mounting:

These antennas are mounted on the side of a square/triangular lattice antenna tower for uniform Omni directional coverage.

  #   Model Frequency Bandwidth Gain  Data 
Radiation Pattern  Enquiry
 Azimuth   Elevation 
1. SCFM4 87.5-108 MHz 10 MHz 6 dBi.
2. SCFM2 87.5-108 MHz 10 MHz 3 dBi.
3. SCFM 87.5-108 MHz 5 MHz

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