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The SXO-1503 Aero / Aviation Band Antenna is manufactured using high-grade anodized aluminum. Powder coating of the complete antenna provides extra protection against corrosion in saline weather present in costal areas. By virtue of sealed active dipole and balun connections of SXO-1503, aero band antenna operates with constant VSWR over 20 MHz. wide band, 117.9 to 137 MHz., and maintains it’s top efficiency over it’s maintenance–free expected life of 10 years and more. Aero/Aviation band antenna has zero percent failure rate during it’s life expectancy.

Aero / Aviation Band Antenna can be mounted on top of an antenna-tower for a Omni directional pattern or side mounted for an offset horizontal radiation pattern.

Design & Construction:

The SXO-1503 Aero / Aviation Band Antenna consists of two center fed folded dipoles stacked vertically. The antenna maintains constant gain and VSWR over its bandwidth of 20 MHz., making it highly suitable for single or multi-frequency systems. The center fed dipole ends and cable connections to the dipoles are sealed in epoxy at the end of the boom for protection against weather and imparting rigidity and strength to the dipole structure. Molded joints of phasing harness and N-Female antenna termination connector ensures complete waterproofing and many years of maintenance free operation.

Lightening Proctection:

This Aero / Aviation Band Antenna operates at D.C. ground for protection against lightning and immunity to noise. The dipoles are mounted on a tubular boom made of high strength aluminum alloy, which offers a low resistance discharge path against any lightning strike during stormy weather.


Balun is sealed in side the horizontal boom of each dipole forming the input part of the center fed dipoles. A separate bulun for each dipole allows independent operation of each dipole free from any mutual interaction between the two dipoles.

Radiation Pattern:

When the two dipoles are arranged 180 degrees apart around the central mast, 3dBd. Omni directional radiation pattern results. Aligning the two dipoles collinearly a 5dBd. Offset radiation pattern is obtained. The radiation pattern can be changed in the field by use of common hand tools.

Phasing Harness:

Specially designed center fed phasing harness ensures equal and in phase signal distribution to both dipoles. All power splitter joints are molded to avoid use of connectors/adapters for waterproofing and to minimize loss.

Stacking and Phasing:

Vertical stacking distance and phasing of dipoles is factory adjusted for top operation of the SXO-1503.

Test and Quality Control:

Each antenna is thoroughly tested at our test site to confirm to our published antenna specification before it is shipped. Test report showing VSWR v/s Frequency curve accompanies each antenna.


For ease of handling, the 12 feet long central mast for mounting the dipoles is shipped in two sections of 6 feet each. It can be assembled with simple hand tools in the field with specially designed center coupling supplied with the antenna.


The central mast of SXO-1503 antenna can be supplied in single piece having a length of 12 feet without any joints.

  #   Model Frequency Bandwidth Gain  Data 
Radiation Pattern  Enquiry
 Azimuth   Elevation 
1. SXO-1505 117.9-137 MHz Complete Span 20 MHz 5 dBi. (Omni)
7 dBi. (Offset)
2. SXO-3503 200 - 400 MHz 20 MHz 3 dBd.

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