Antenna Solid Parabolic Dish Antenna


These standard microwave antennas consist of a parabolic shaped reflector spun from a sheet of aluminum. The antennas comprises of full Solid Paraboloid with specified diameters for use in digital and analogue microwave communication systems.

The mounting arrangement permits to change the polarization from horizontal to vertical and vice-versa. Also the antenna can be mounted to a pipe or tower leg. All the screws, nuts and bolts are of stainless steel.

Design & Construction:

The parabolic shape focuses energy at the feed point of the antenna. These parabolic antennas have a narrow focused beam of energy and relatively high gain compared to many other types of antennas.

Radiating elements and matching stub are made of brass.

The compact size of the antenna allows easy handling and specially designed mounting arrangement results in fast installation. The antenna operates at D.C. ground with low resistance discharge path for protection against lightning and immunity to noise.

  #   Model Frequency Bandwidth Gain  Data 
Radiation Pattern  Enquiry
 Azimuth   Elevation 
1. SPP-2424 2350-2550 MHz 125 MHz 24 dBi.
2. SPP-5728 5725-5850 MHz 125 MHz 28 dBi.
3. SPP-5732 5725-5850 MHz 125 MHz 32 dBi.
4. SPP-5734 5725-5850 MHz 125 MHz 34 dBi.
5. SPP-7330 7100-7500 MHz 400 MHz 30 dBi.
6. SPP-7334 7100-7600 MHz 500 MHz 34 dBi.
7. SPP-7336 7100-7600 MHz 500 MHz 36 dBi.

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