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Antennas and accessories manufactured under the brand STAR ANTENNA are RoHS compliant.


Our Products   Omni Directional Exposed Dipole Antenna : Fiber Glass Omni Directional Collinear Antenna : Broad Band Omni Directional Antennas : Broad Aviation Band Omni Directional Antennas : Yagi Antenna : Dual Stacked Yagi Antenna : Yagi Back to Back Antenna : Yagi Antenna with Trough Reflector : Grid Parabolic Antenna : Solid Parabolic Dish Antenna : Crossed Polarized Antenna : Crossed Polarized Dual Stacked Antenna : Crossed Polarized Quad Stacked Antenna : HF Broadband Two Folded Dipole Antenna : HF Broadband Three Folded Dipole Antenna : HF Monitoring Antenna : Beacon Glide Slope Monitoring Antenna : Beacon Localizer Monitoring Antenna : Folded Dipole Antenna : Folded Dipole Antenna Ceiling Mount : Dual Band Antenna : Helical RHCP / LHCP Antenna : Quadrifilar Helix Antenna : Aero/Aviation Band Antenna : Discone Antenna : Pannel Antenna : FM Broadcast Turnstile Antenna : Log Periodic Dipole Antenna : Ground Plane Antenna : Marine Ground Plane Antenna : Cell Phone & Jammer Single Band Antenna : Cell Phone & Jammer Tripple Band Antenna : Whip Mobile Antenna : Magnetic Mount Whip Mobile Antenna

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